Kane Furniture Settlement

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Kane Furniture Settlement
Court Documents
Court Documents
Contact Information
Contact Information

Welcome to the Cliff Brown, et al. v. Kane Furniture Corporation, Case No. 15-CA-006875 (the “Lawsuit”) website.  The information contained on this website is only a summary of information presented in more detail in the Class Notice (the “Notice”).


Pursuant to the Settlement Agreement resolving the claims of the Class and setting forth a procedure for class members to submit claims, Kane Furniture has challenged the validity of many Class 1 claims submitted by class members.


The resolution of the challenged claims is still pending.  On February 21, 2020, the Court issued an Order Granting Motion: Plaintiffs’ Motion Regarding the Court’s December 1, 2019 Order (Doc. 32) Vacating Order of December 17, 2019 (Doc. 292), and Denying “Motion to Vacate Class Settlement…” (Doc. 225).  A copy of the Order and Motions filed by Kane and Plaintiffs can be reviewed on the Court Documents page of this website.

You may download a full copy of the Notice by clicking here.       

  • The settlement will provide monetary relief or in-store vouchers to persons who purchased bonded leather furniture from Kane Furniture Corporation.
  • The settlement also will require Kane Furniture Corporation to modify its sales and warranty practices and documentation in specific ways.
  • Your legal rights are affected whether you act or do not act.  Read this Notice carefully.

The Court decided that everyone who fits this description is a Class Member:
All persons who purchased Bonded Leather Furniture (“Bonded Leather”) from Kane Furniture Corporation on or after July 27, 2010, and who have not already received an exchange, credit or refund of their Bonded Leather from Kane Furniture Corporation, or do not otherwise opt out of this class settlement.

Your legal rights are affected whether you act or do not act. Please read the complete notice carefully.



The deadline to file a claim has passed.


Become a member of Class 2 automatically and give up rights to be a member of Class 1.


Get no payment. This is the only option that allows you to ever be part of any other lawsuit against Kane Furniture Corporation about the legal claims in this case. The deadline to submit an exclusion request is March 13, 2017.


Write to the Court about why you do not like the settlement. The deadline to submit an objection is April 11, 2017.


The Court will hold a Fairness Hearing at 1:30 p.m. on May 1, 2017, at the Florida Thirteenth Judicial Circuit Court, George E. Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 E. Twiggs St., Tampa, Florida 33602, in Courtroom 504.

  • These rights and options – and the deadlines to exercise them – are explained in the Notice.The Court in charge of this case still has to decide whether to approve the settlement.  
  • Payments will be made if the Court approves the settlement and after appeals are resolved. Please be patient.

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